Golden Ball Player Position Pendant and Chain

Filthy Baseball

*Please ensure the correct position variant option is selected before ordering*


Rep your golden position on and off the field with Filthy Baseball's High Polished Golden Stainless Steel Ball Player Position Pendants. Each pendant is crafted from High Polished tempered stainless steel in order to stand the test of time throughout a players career. All pendants come with a 26" Golden Stainless Steel Chain Necklace, and are fitted with a 4mm loop hole in case you would want to use your own necklace.


Available Numbers (Dimensions):

All Pendant Height = 19mm

All Pendant Depth = 2.4 mm

Pendant Loop Hole (Circumference) = 4mm

1B (First Base) : Width = 11mm

2B (Second Base): Width = 11mm

3B (Third Base): Width = 11mm

SS (Short Stop): Width = 11mm

LF (Left Field): Width = 11mm

CF (Center Field): Width = 11mm

RF (Right Field): Width = 11mm

PO (Pitcher Only): Width = 11mm


(not a significant source of real gold used)

Collections: Baseball Jewelry

Type: Unknown Type

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