Be Where Your Feet Are.

October 13, 2017

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Be Where Your Feet Are (9/28)

My original plan was to get this blog out before 3pm, but the busy life of a baseball coach came first…many of you know what I’m talking about. I hope to have something posted every Thursday from this point forward. Please know that I am a baseball coach, not a writer, so please excuse typos and unnecessary commas...I like my commas.

So I've decided to join the baseball blog world. There are two reasons that come to mind on why. First, I wanted to do this because to this point in my life I have been fortunate to be around many great baseball people, and I want to share some things I have learned. Second, this will be helpful for myself in that I can organize my thoughts/document the things that strike me as important. While you read, I want everyone to understand I do not have all the answers, and I did not invent baseball, but I do feel like I have things worth sharing. With that said, I want to learn from you all as well.

Again, I do not have all the answers, none of us do, but I'll tell you what, I'm going to try to find those answers. The important thing is to not try and find all these answers in one day....I tell my players, "don't be Google, there is no finding 40,000,000 results in .47 sec...". Instead, baseball is more like an “atlas.” Any young people reading this probably don't know what that is. This "book of maps" helped people get from point a to b before GPS. 1) you find your location on the map, 2) you get your sheet of paper, 3) find a pen, 4) you write out every turn/road/city you will travel through, 5) you get in your car and you try and make it happen. It's a long/tedious process that takes a lot of preparation to get you to your final destination. That’s how we as coaches and players need to approach our craft. I think there are many valuable lessons to learn from this. As Augie Garrido says, “Baseball is a game of life.”

In terms of baseball and life, nobody knows what our final destination is...I sure as heck can't predict the future. That’s why every moment, pitch, day we have is essential to our overall growth. What I know is that if I give my best to Madison College (where I’m honored to coach now) that my future will mold into its best shape. I need to have faith in that process.

It makes sense that the more engaged preparation we have, the better chance we have to perform. It's those who fall in love with the long/tedious process of preparation that end up getting the most out of their time. It's also those who constantly seek answers, but then can simplify their thoughts in a way that allows them to compete and trust, that also have the best chance of being their best self. It’s not easy to approach our craft this way, but we need to hold ourselves accountable to that mindset. Simply put, we need to be where our feet are.

In the future these blogs will consist of many different topics. I wanted to start here because it just seemed right. Please feel free to retweet/share this blog with the people in your Twittersphere. I also welcome you to contact me and give your opinions, I would enjoy hearing them. Thanks for taking the time to read. I'm excited to keep this going.

Yours in Baseball,